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Welcome to Blue Thumb Chicago

We are passionate aquarium professionals
serving Chicagoland and Southwest Michigan.

Full Service, Livestock Sales,
Installation, Consulting.

Blue Thumb Chicago is your best choice for aquarium maintenance and installation.
We offer competitive pricing on all of our products and services.

Our Approach: diversity = health

We look at the aquarium as a self-contained biological system where each element has a role that benefits the whole. Regardless of size every aquarium requires the same key elements: lighting, balanced chemistry, and nutrition.

Nutrients are introduced to the aquarium in food which nourishes all reef residents: fish, coral, and invertebrates. Live rock and a deep sand bed take the ammonia toxins produced by fish waste and turn them into nitrates that nourish plants and invertebrates. Plants and algae absorb excess food and waste through the roots and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis.

These living elements work together to provide natural filtration that creates a more stable environment for healthy and beautiful fish and coral.

Tropical views
right in your living room

9 years of operation
hundreds of happy clients

Our installation, service, livestock, and equipment are second to none.

Our mission is to maintain aquariums
with quality service

Our Maintenance is thorough and scientific

All variables are assessed including chemistry, lighting, water movement, temperature, habitat health, livestock, and equipment performance. Our commitment to customer service encompasses all. We see each aquarium as a personal endeavor and a biological challenge.

Water Changes

Water changes are done in proportion to the volume of the tank.

Water Testing

Water testing is done at each service visit.

Fish and Coral Health

Fish and coral health is observed, aggression problems within the livestock community are addressed.

Species Consult

Problematic species are identified and methods of biological control are recommended.

Lighting and Filtering

Lighting and filtering components are assessed for adequate performance.

Equipment Inspection

Equipment inspection and preventative maintenance is performed.

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